Diversity and individuality

The 30,000 works acquired by the Frac are part of an ambitious and selective approach to the most progressive artistic proposals produced largely since the 60s, by artists from five continents.

Within these twenty-three entities, each director, as part of the artistic and cultural project supported, expresses many orientations and distinct perspectives on contemporary art through the acquisition policies encouraged. To help them in the definition of this policy and the choice of works, a technical acquisition committee is formed from voluntary members including art critiques, museum curators, directors of art centres, exhibition commissioners, artists, leading figures or private collectors.

Mindful of cutting-edge artistic creations or developed out of a keen interest in a specific field of artistic creativity, dominant features and sheer diversity lend structure to collections formed of 200 to 3,000 works: paintings; sculptures; drawings; photographs; videos; installations; architectural models …at least half of which are by French artists.

Purchasing works from artists and galleries remains the main form of enrichment thanks to yearly grants allocated by the State and regions, completed sometimes by those from other regional authorities or patrons. However, many of the Frac request the commission or production of works, including individual or group exhibitions, residencies or any artist involvement in a dissemination, publication or mediation project. Artists or generous donors also contribute through donations for the enrichment of collections.